Lawrenceburg Federal Bank presented a donation of $10,000 on Tuesday toward the effort to build a rubberized field for Lawrence County’s Buddy Ball League. Bank officials also issued a challenge to other local businesses, particularly other banks, to do the same. Buddy Ball in Lawrence County involves more than 50 athletes of all ages who have disabilities. With this donation the fund stands at $25,000- the cost for the field is projected to be $350,000. Pictured left to right are Tommy Lee, Lesa and Abigail Kidd accepting the check from bank president and CEO Biff Helton and board member Chris Shaffer. To learn more and make a tax-deductible donation, go to –HoJo Photo

Current Project

Abigail's Plan is striving to build a totally rubberized baseball field for our players with disabilities similar to the field pictured above. The approximate cost of the field is $350,000.  Our goal is for Lawrence County to have the first Miracle League rubberized field in Tennessee!!!


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