Edwards Oil/Quik Mart and Shell together are giving the largest lump sum donation to date to Abigail's Plan. Pictured left to right are Jennifer Weatherly, representing Sheil; Charlie Edwards and Jonathon Edwards, Edwards Oil/Quik mart Chief Operating Officer and President, respectively, and Abigail, Lesa and Tommy Lee Kidd.

Current Project

Abigail's Plan is striving to build a totally rubberized baseball field for our players with disabilities similar to the field pictured above. The approximate cost of the field is $350,000.  Our goal is for Lawrence County to have the first Miracle League rubberized field in Tennessee!!!


The Abigail's Plan organization is made up entirely of volunteers.
100% of the proceeds raised go directly into
funding our projects and fundraising efforts.

Thank you for your support!

Abigail's Plan files form 990 with the Internal Revenue Service. This form is available for inspection upon request.

Honorable Mention